Delivery Information: Product Entries

Thank you for your interest in the Frontier Awards 2022.

As part of the judging process for the 'Star Product' categories, our panel of judges will review the physical product alongside the written entry. 

As a result, we require 8 samples of your product, one for each of our judges and one for our chair of judges.

  • Please make sure all transit, delivery, taxes and customs are paid for the product transit. DFNI-Frontier and our judges will not pay any custom/tax fees upon receiving the product. These should be paid in full by the nominator. 
  • DFNI-Frontier and our judging panel will not accept any responsibility for product samples failing to reach their destination address due to unpaid taxes and fees. 
  • You will receive the 8 addresses for each sample to be sent to after you have submitted your entry. 8 delivery labels will be shared with you to affix to each sample ahead of dispatch. 
  • Samples should be sent to the addresses between Monday 27th June - Friday 08th July. Judging begins on Monday 11th July so it is imperative your product arrives before this date. 
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to submit physical samples for your entries, please get in touch with to let us know. Judges favor being able to see the product in person and so physical samples enhance your entry dramatically. In the event you cannot submit physical samples, please ensure images and video footage of your product is added to your entry to give the judges as much information to consider during the process.